Northern California, and specifically Modoc County, provide some exceptional opportunities to hunt waterfowl. In late fall, this area is their highway as they migrate. We have some great opportunities to help you on your hunt and in bagging your limit.

Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters specializes in hunting to include Canada Geese, Mallards, late-season Snow Geese, and Speckle Belly. Come with you friends to have a great time on your hunt.

Canadian Geese Hunt, Modoc County California

Waterfowl season opens the first or second weekend of October, and runs through mid-January. Late season will extend into March.

To provide the best opportunity to shoot your limit, we use top of the line decoys, and pit blinds. We have amphibious vehicles to provide easy access the best locations.

We have over 20,000 acres of waterfowl properties that we manage. These properties consist of about 350 acres of grain fields farmed for wildlife. We have developed flooded grain fields for early season duck hunting. You will have the opportunity to hunt over clover and alfalfa fields, wild meadows, small farm ponds, and large reservoirs. The Pit River runs through the middle of our home ranch.

In the coldest months, we target mallards and honkers on some of our geothermal or “hot-ponds”. Past hunters have told me that these are some of the finest hunts of their life.

Canadian Geese Hunt, Modoc County California

Hunting Locations

Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters is based out of Alturas but hunts all over Modoc County. We have property from Davis Creek to Cedarville, including property that borders the closed zone of the Modoc Refuge.

Canadian Geese Hunt, Modoc County California


We have 2 amphibious vehicles to get us and our gear to the best locations. One 8×8 Argo with floating trailer and one Max 6×6 to transport hunters.

We have placed 28, 4 man blinds, in key locations throughout Modoc County. For larger hunting parties, we have 8, 10 man blinds, in out best grain fields.

We hunt over top of the line decoys. Each decoy is flocked, air brushed, and put in its own storage bag. Decoys such as Drop Zone Elites, Green Head Gear, and Dave Smith.

Best Time of the Year

From start to finish we have great success. We have lots of local honkers and ducks in October and November. December and January, migration birds come through. March is a good time for late season hunts for the Snow Geese and Speckle Belly.

Be prepared for success anytime of the season. It’s my responsibility to target food sources of birds to produce limited-out-hunts.

Canadian Geese Hunt, Modoc County California

Waterfowl Processing

After a full day out, or a limited day, I take my hunters into the Sports Hut. Here the birds are picked, prepared table ready, and then frozen or left fresh. For worthy specimens to be taken to a taxidermist, these birds will be frozen.

Picking fees are the responsibility of each hunter.

We have put the last 15 years, at Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters, into hard work, determination, and dedication so that we can provide each of our hunters with a memorable experience. – Brent

Canadian Geese Hunt, Modoc County California

Contact Brent at 530-640-0411 to schedule your next Canada Goose and Mallard hunt.