Mule Deer

All deer hunts are guided by Brent Dolby or one of his experiences guides. Deer hunts are guided on private farm land only, exclusively managed by Brent.

California Mule Deer, Modoc County

We have over 20,000 acres of private farmland that we hunt divided between 3 northeastern California deer zones. These zones are X2, X3B, and X3A.

Before applying for an X zone tags, feel free to call Brent to decide which zone applies the best for you due to preference points system.

Deer tag drawing deadline is on June 2. After drawing results are released, Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters opens its books to successful deer tag holders.

Deer season is usually the 1st or 2nd weekend of October and runs for 16 days. Hunters are each booked for 3 days. Past hunters usually harvest their deer on the first or second day.

California Mule Deer, Modoc County

My Preference

The best deer zone to have a tag for in Brent’s opinion is X2. There are several reasons for this:

  • There are fewer tags in X2, meaning less deer harvested than other zones. This allows bucks to reach their full maturity.
  • X2 is the only zone in which we currently have “stilt deer blinds”. Deer blinds are a incredible way to hunt deer as they come into food sources in the evenings.
  • The ranches we hunt have some the best habitat for deer in Modoc County.
  • The overall deer herd is in very healthy numbers, on these private ranches. This is not the case on public ground.
Modoc Waterfowl Outfitters provides a great opportunity to harvest a beautiful California Mule Deer. We look forward to seeing you in one of our deer blinds this coming fall.- Brent

Look at the pictures of previous hunts below.

California Mule Deer, Modoc County
California Mule Deer, Modoc County
California Mule Deer, Modoc County

Contact Brent at 530-640-0411 to schedule your next Mule Deer hunt.